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Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

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Better with STORYI

STORYI Mini Elite Percussive Therapy Massage Gun works by sending direct vibrating pulses through your muscles. This helps to ease tensions in tight muscles. 

Percussion pressure increases blood flow to local muscles. This keeps your muscles relaxed and relieves you with pain due to sitting for long hours, from an exercise or just over time. 

Percussion therapy can greatly reduce muscle sores and keeps your body youthful and full of energy. 


  • Alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Improve health of soft tissues
  • Increase exercise range & physical performance



  1. More energy with increase blood flow - Promotes muscle recovery as more essential nutrients are brought to your muscles so you feel better and much more refreshed
  2. Decrease soreness by breaking up lactic acid buildup - Percussion breaks up lactic acid buildup to work your muscles and decrease your aches
  3. Target specific muscle groups to relieve muscle knots - Allows you to directly massage a specific area to loosen up muscle knots and help relieve pain and tensions
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