My STORYi is Deeper than Golf

Created in April 2017 by Sam Yi, STORYi is a brand but above all an inspiration for those who wear their heart on their sleeves in sports, particularly golf. 

 The sun protection arm sleeves designed for the STORYi-tellers; those whom not only their skin is covered and well-protected during the lengthly 18-hole golf rounds against the harmful UV rays in the sunlight; but also share a STORYi of their own, through the positive messages and the empowering that they convey. STORYi supports his loyal customers in their active life outside the home as well as in the comfort of their own home. We want to motivate our community to make athleisure-wear an 

 Comfortable and affordable clothes infused with the power of words, if that's something that can change your game, its here! We think about the designs of our items, taking inspiration from the latest trends to offer you an exceptional line of sports fashion items that make people talk. Worn by several influential professional golfers on PGA/LPGA Tour from all over the world, STORYi creates trends but above all inspires many people to address subjects little discussed in the sports industry: struggles and the strength to carry on moving forward. 

 Our mission is to accommodate a platform for all stories to be shared and thus inspire one another to be able to create synergy together.

STORYi Must Go On 
The beginning

There is power in sharing STORYi

I had an opportunity to get a snip of experience as a champion in during my early 20's in my professional golf career by a triumphant victory in OneAsia 2014 Q School. 

The winning came big and so did the losing. Shortly after my ambitious win in the Qualifying School, and to my over-confident, egotistic young self, the losses were unbearable to handle. Adding on to the depression was my injury to my thumb which effected the entirety of my golf career and I was practically forced to take a break from golf, the sport at one point gave me extreme joy has now become some thing of intimidation to my mental health.

With some extra time on my hands, I was spending a lot of my time with my fellow golf mates; most who were still in the competing realm, some who have moved on and are adjusting to their new life in society as a non-golfer. From this experience, I realized that everyone goes through some level of struggle and hardships like I did and the stories I shared with my peers, as well as theirs, started healing my brokenness from the internal core. 

It's a belief I value heavily from this experience. There is this indescribable comfort in sharing stories of struggles but that does not those experiences define you. That's what the "i" in STORYi is for. I am not the product of the experiences, no matter good or bad; 

I am my STORYi. And it's deeper than golf. 

Sam Yi

Professional Golfer of 21 years
2014 OneAsia Q School Champion
Social Media Golf Content Creator
C.E.O. of STORYi

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