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Sun sleeves

Sun Sleeves, What are they for?

SPF 50+ Sun Protection

STORYi Sun Sleeves protect against UVA and UVB rays – both contribute to the risk of skin cancer. That ultraviolet protection factor gives golfers peace of mind on sunny days. And it’s great if you have a skin condition that’s made worse by sun exposure.

99.9% UV Protection

When the sun is splitting the sky, it’s the perfect weather for a game of golf. However, the sunshine brings harmful UV rays. You can be out on the golf course for a few hours per round, so sun protection arm sleeves are a great way to stay protected during those hot hours.

Keeps arms cool & absorbs moisture for quick dry

This arm sleeve is designed for those hot days on the course. It offers you fantastic breathability and will keep your arms dry when it counts.

It fits tight and compresses your arm. That snug fit feels nice when you’re swinging. And the compression benefits your circulation.

However, that compression doesn’t affect your movement when wearing this sleeve. The material is stretchy and allows you to swing as normal.

High performance fabric

Sun protection isn’t the only thing STORYi Sun Sleeves should offer you, though. They are made with specifically stitched compound of fabrics that protects the harmful particles from the sunlights while keeping you cool, allowing enough flexibility, and staying in place without slipping down during each swing.