Sun Protection, why should we care?

Sun Protection, why should we care?

Sun protection is just as important as consuming healthy diet plan! We all live on this planet Earth which is destined for constant changes. These changes are good and bad. One of the biggest threat going into the future on this planet is climate change along with thinning of the ozone layers that protect us from the harmful UV rays. Skin cancer has always been one of the top ranked fatal condition regardless of age and gender. 

Now, how do we protect ourselves? Well, traditionally, we have been a big fan of sunscreen lotions since it was the only known way of sun shield. However, sunscreen lotions wear away within perhaps 2 hours under the circumstance that you're not sweating at all. Then, reapplication of this chemical lotion is required. 

STORYi sleeves solves this problem altogether. Not only that we offer no more slapping on chemically-harmful sunscreen lotion on our sweaty arms, but also our sweat-wicking fabric gives cooling sensation so you stay cool and protected. If you are outside a lot, you know how important it is to keep your body cool. Here are more points to give you a heads up on importance of sun protection. 

UV PROTECTION - STORYi sleeves provide SPF 50+ to protect against the harmful UV rays. Unlike the sunblock, which requires reapplication every 2 hours, sleeves provide NONSTOP PROTECTION

COOLING SENSATION - STORYi sleeves are made with high quality fabric which provides elasticity and cooling sensation with maximum ventilation

PERFORMANCE - STORYi sleeves are made with 3D pattern design which accommodates for maximizing wide range of motion

STYLE - What more can I say? Who says we can’t be stylish under the heatwaves? 😎

THEY WON’T FALL DOWN - The biggest question answered! STORYi sleeves are durable, long-lasting and they won’t fall down after a few washes or wears.

So don't be the victim of the harm when you've had the chance to be avoided as one and treat your skin with respect, keeping your skin, the largest part of our body, covered. Get your STORYi sleeves are keep it in your pockets so you are never caught unprepared. STAY INFORMED!

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