More information on STORYI Sun Protective Arm Sleeves

STORYi Sun Protective Arm Sleeves are made with delicately stitched fabrics! This is due to the fact that our sleeves provide maximal protection against the sun with SPF 50+, protection again the harmful UV rays, absorbance of sweat and moisture, while providing cooling sensation on the skin

Here is how you can take a good care of them.

Consider them like socks or gloves which you wear as accessory clothings.
1. GENTLE Hand wash recommended. 
2. Wash arm sleeves with like colors.
3. Use mild detergents.
4. DO NOT USE bleach, softeners, or dry clean.
5. When washing use cold water and air dry (Hand wash is strongly recommended) *Pilling may occur with excess washing and rubbing.*
6. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry.


One-size-fits-all; 14" in length unstretched / 33-35" stretched max.